Dear Internet Marketer

     In 9 steps I can “program” a copywriting process into your mind that will practically guarantee your success when it comes to writing persuasive copy.

     Follow along, because I'm sure you'll find what I'm about to reveal to you... almost unbelievable.

     Here's why – I'm going to completely debunk all the “traditional” copywriting rules even the most respected copywriters are still teaching internet marketers. We're going to discuss such “dirty secrets” as...

  • Why the actual writing of your copy is the last thing you should concern yourself with... (There are three other things you should focus on first. Once you have these down, the ad will practically write itself.)

  • How benefit-driven long copy is likely killing all chances of your ad being more successful (Crazy, huh?)

  • Why the Headline is NOT the most important element for grabbing your reader's attention (Did you know the best online copywriters barely even focus on the headlines these days?)

     You'll discover a much better approach for creating profit-pulling copy with my brand new “Stopwatch Copywriting System”.

In a matter of minutes – just by coming up with the answers to a few simple questions - you'll have a self-regulating system for writing copy the new Web 2.0 way.

     The good news is that it requires just a tiny “adjustment” to the traditional approach. The difference between success and failure in copywriting isn't so much techniques and tactics – it's strategy. So it doesn't really matter how much, or how little you currently know about copywriting.

     Here's what it's about: Those "in the know" are fully aware there are two main parts to writing killer copy quickly. There is the actual writing of the copy itself (where you turn your best sales arguments into words) and then there is the strategic planning on how and what content you will include in your copy.

     The thing is – almost all copywriters never really get past the writing part. They are constantly monkeying around with the words they use... or trying to “knock off” headlines from old National Enquirer magazines.

     They study courses where 400 pages are devoted to writing mechanics, and only two paragraphs are given for constructing "magic solutions"... inducing implied scarcity... or how to use any of the other hot psychological triggers that cause people to buy, regardless of how good of a writer you are .

     It's sad, but most wannabe copywriters cling to the desperate hope that if they could somehow just write “better”, then magically their copy will start making them all kinds of money.

Well guess what? Your writing is fine the way it is.

     The only thing we need to do is... plug-in your writing to the proper “strategic mind set”. It's this missing link that causes beginner copywriters to get low response percentages and to spend day after agonizing day trying to finish writing “sub par” copy.

     Oh, and don't worry... this will be the SIMPLEST thing you've ever done to improve your online marketing. I'm not kidding – it's going to dramatically improve your copy writing instantaneously...

     Or... if you're writing "so-so" copy now, you can take whatever response rates you're getting and double them! If you really stink at copywriting, then you should experience even bigger gains.

And I'm not talking six months from now... I'm talking by tomorrow.

     Best of all – no practice is required! You don't have to take any winning sales letters and write them out by hand. I don't know about you, but I consider that torture.

     Once you discover that it's not the writing... but the approach... you're ready to utilize the real secrets all the pros know (and all struggling marketers never realize) about copywriting.

     Most people realize that in almost every task, 80% of your results come from only 20% of your actions.

     However, not one copywriter in a thousand ever really figures out what those “20% actions” for ad-writing are, even though it's really simple. I guess we're all just biologically programmed to complicate even the simplest tasks.

     So most copywriters are left doing things the “traditional way”... until someone finally shows them the shortcuts.

     It has nothing to do with following the "copywriting rules" you read about in those stupid copywriting courses. I have found it's actually harder to write by following those "rules". There's a much simpler approach, and it has much more profound results.

     It's more about seeing copywriting with new eyes... which will allow you to connect the dots the way the best of the best marketers do unconsciously.

     The result: You'll be able to go toe-to-toe with those $15,000 per letter plus 5% royalty copywriters who get all the glory.

No matter how much experience you have!
No mater how competitive your niche is!
No matter how much pressure is on you!

Interested? I figured you were.

     Look: when people tell me writing copy is hard, I roll my eyes. It's only hard if you make it hard. It's only hard if you follow complicated systems, or get unclear, un-actionable information... because what I've found is that most of the pros who use the “true secrets”... aren't even aware of it!

     And those who are aware of it... don't share it... because those are the very secrets that allow them to charge $15,000+ per letter.

     I have no such hang ups. I've been quick to tell my coaching clients and customers how to instantly improve their copywriting ability. It's just that few marketers “get it”.

It sounds too simple.

And copywriting is suppose to be hard.

So I have to be wrong... Even though I haven't written a losing sales letter in years!

It can't be that easy, can it?

Here are just some of the results I've personally enjoyed with my "stopwatch" copywriting techniques...

  • Wrote 8 Sales Letters In ONE DAY to close a $32,000 Deal!
  • Sold 192 copies of a product called "Membership Tactics" to my list of just 1817 people.. meaning a 10.5% close rate to my ENTIRE LIST (and over 30% on the sales page itself!)
  • It took me less than one hour to write that piece of copy!
  • I get paid at least $2,000 to write a letter... and I tell the client upfront... $2,000 is the price if only I feel I can complete the job in under 3 hours (including talking to them, reviewing the product and writing the copy)
  • I've applied my techniques to video sales letters and it works just as effectively!
  • I can trace over $132,000 in profits over the last 18 months just from the 72+ winning sales letters I've created with my stopwatch copywriting techniques!
And it doesn't just work for me...


"While reading your report my brain
moved into action mode and I now
Have a full on sales page"

Hi Jason,

I think I got to hear about your... quick sales letters report at the warrior forum, but wherever it was i am so glad I did.

I have had an idea for a membership site for a long time, but never got round to launching it as I was afraid of having to write the sales copy or hire someone expensive to do it for me.

My laptop died on Saturday, so I have been a bit distracted with that and not able to focus on anything, but while reading your report my brain moved into action mode and I now have a full on sales page (4 pages in word).

I just got to the bit about the bullet points (I am only half way through), which I had already, and am hoping that my letter will not be too long now.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks :)

Kind regards

Kelly Ifriah


"Amongst the best I have read on
any IM subject by any author."

I am so impressed with all your material Jason and really appreciate this...

Guys if you haven't checked out Jason's other products do yourself a big favor and do so. They are excellently written, very systematic and easy to apply, each with a unique slant on the subject being discussed.

In their respective areas they are the best I have read and amongst the best I have read on any IM subject by any author.

Really looking forward to more of your products Jason.

Glenn Turner


"I applied several of Jason's techniques
and got it converting at nearly 12%"

I did a Warrior Special Offer and had some basic copy that was done for me. It converted at a whopping 1.48%.

I applied several of Jason's techniques and got it converting at nearly 12%... Not bad for my first crack at copy writing.

My second sales letter is converting at over 3.5% right out of the box and it isn't very good yet, I still have some work to do on it. With some minor changes I'm sure I can improve on that conversion rate. Thanks Jason.

Derek Krein


"His step by step approach is so valuable!"

Jason's ability to teach copy writing is unsurpassed. He patiently lays out the path to create documents which are not only informative,but also simple in language use.

His step by step approach is so valuable! Jason has much experience. He combines this fact of experience with the research needed to create work of a high value.

Thanks Jason.

Wilton Rodger


"I have several top courses on copywriting, but nothing else gave me the confidence and the skills to turn out high quality copy quickly"

I love the way Jason breaks down copywriting into totally doable little steps.

Frankly, the thought of writing copy scares me. What if I spend one month writing copy for a product and it bombs? (This has happened to me.)

Jason has completely eliminated the "scare factor" from copywriting. His system is 100% doable. I have several top courses on copywriting, but nothing else gave me the confidence and the skills to turn out high quality copy quickly.

And the best part - after following Jason's system, I actually have a better product offering, not just better copy! How? Well, all I'll say is that anyone who's buying this course and puts it into action is in for a real treat.

Sanjeev Nair


"Quadrupled conversions!"

I think I've purchased just about all of Jason's major products.

My most recent success was with his Sales Letter and Template package which took an overly complicated and lengthy sales letter pitch I had written using another guidebook and turned it into a short simple sales letter that quadrupled conversions.

Good Stuff!

Craig Paulson


"Most of the pieces I've written lately
have been done in one sitting"

Jason doesn't teach any of the "magical" theory stuff. Just effective, hard hitting techniques that work.

The shortcuts drastically reduced my time to write effective sales copy. Most of the pieces I've written lately have been done in one sitting, and get good results even in the testing phase.

Less time writing means more time for playing! Always a good trade!

David Chambless


"I'm most impressed with the clarity"

I'm most impressed with the clarity and easy-ness of the techniques demonstrated. I'm slowly working through all my sales copy, applying Jason's techniques.

What I think is great is how obvious it all is... once you have it explained to you!

Wayne Allen


"I've sold 11 copies in 12 days with no
list at 2.31% conversion rate"

I wrote a salesletter using Jason's quick salesletter copywriting techniques and I've sold 11 copies in 12 days with no list at 2.31% conversion rate.

Nick Moran


"One of my best buys this year"

After struggling to write copy for my websites for years . Jason report on copywriting was a godsend. One of my best buys this year.

Peter Jowett


"I was able to create seven
sales letters in seven days"

Jason's system is... well... systematic. He breaks down the copywriting process to it's bare essentials. He shows you how to create a sales strategy... not just a bunch of slick words.... and he shows you how to do it lightning quick.

Because I learned Jason's system I was able to create seven sales letters in seven days (and each took from 3-4 hours to complete).

I would never have been able to do that before learning his system as it often took me several weeks to create a high-converting sales page. Remember, each day you don't have a sales page is a day you are losing money.

So if you want to avoid losing all that cash you've got to learn to write good sales copy quickly. And Jason's system is the only one I can recommend that will let you write a high-converting sales letter in one sitting. So if you need a sales letter in the next day or so, get his course now.

Rodney Daut


"Every single one of them has produced
better results than the original letters"

I love Jason's way of communicating. He makes it so simple and explains things in a way that anyone can understand. And he proves to you why his stuff works.

I'm a true believer in Jason and every product I've purchased from him produces results just like his stopwatch copywriting system. I have personally used Jason's stopwatch copywriting system to write several online and offline sales letters.

Every single one of them has produced better results than the original letters! The two things I use over and over again are the Success Worksheet and the Gary Halbert Swipe File.

Those two items are worth ten times the cost of the entire product.

Drew Laughlin


"One of the best"

he is system-oriented, provides the big picture, shows cause and effect between blocks -- A --> B --> those who can do cant always explain how they do it, but Jason is one of the best.

David Ramsdale


"...In a matter of less than a hour."

I have not only written effective sales letters using Jason's method in record time (one night), I have improved pre-written PLR sales letters to make them profitable, too, in a matter of less than a hour.

Cheryl Hines


"I was able to bang out 3 mini sales letters and profit over $2,000 as a result."

I like the fact that if I knew nothing about copywriting I could take the stuff you outline and write a sales letter in one setting.

The section on offers was worth the price alone and FOREVER changed how I do business.

After doing Jason's course I was able to bang out 3 mini sales letters and profit over $2,000 as a result.

Tim Castleman


"Jason is one of the most personable, honest and down to earth teachers I've ever worked with..."

Jason is one of the most personable, honest and down to earth teachers I've ever worked with...

his energy and enthusiasm for teaching go *such* a long way towards keeping me on track and interested enough to keep going before I lose interest.

Costas Peppas


"Using Jason's copywriting techniques I sold $25,000 worth of consulting!"

Jason does two things that are critically different in teaching copywriting:

1. He breaks down the sales message in distinctive parts. Writing persuasive copy becomes as easy as playing with Lego blocks.

2. THIS IS REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT. Whereas most teachers of copywriting want to create a mystique around the art and science of copywriting, Jason keeps fueling your confidence, repeating over and over and over how easy it is, how anyone can do it easily, how you can learn to be as good as he is, how you'll master it instantly. This is priceless.

Using Jason's copywriting techniques I sold $25,000 worth of consulting!

Martin Messier


"I've used Jason's System to write
my last five sales letters."

Jason has the ability to cut through the voodoo, black magic and smoke and mirrors surrounding copywriting.

He cuts it all down to the bare essentials and explains it in plain and simple terms anyone can understand.

I've used Jason's System to write my last five sales letters.

Frank Edwards


"First sales letter using Jason's techniques has done 3 times what previous initial sale letters have done..."

It is easy to follow and step by step instructions.

First sales letter using Jason's techniques has done 3 times what previous initial sale letters have done before testing and tweaking.

Mike Paetzold


"Jason took an extremely bad salesletter that I had written and totally reworked it, in front of the group durign the second day of the Action Seminar in Dallas."

I like Jason's ability to quickly rework your copy, including taking a completely new approach, and have it completed almost as fast as I can read it.

Jason took an extremely bad salesletter that I had written and totally reworked it, in front of the group durign the second day of the Action Seminar in Dallas.

I was totally blown away at the end result and the speed at which we was able to totally revamp it.

David Burch


"Productivity Powers is a site that Jason helped does about $500/day, with just his killer techniques."

Jason, you are da man!

Straight to the point with the most effective techniques for creating instant rapport, and the desire to order.

So glad I found you - thanks, man. Productivity Powers is a site that Jason helped does about $500/day, with just his killer techniques.

jack sinclair


     Would you like to join these success stories, and learn how to write near world class copy in one sitting? If so you need to get your hands on my Stopwatch Copywriting system.

  • “Stopwatch Copywriting ” Video Series - 15 videos explaining each step of the system. (Total running time is 3 hours, 21 Minutes and 2 seconds!)

  • Quick Start Video Guide – If you need to get instant results, and don't want to go through all the videos, then you'll want to watch this. It's the shortcut version! (Total running time: 17 minutes, 46 Seconds)

  • Mp3 Recordings of All Videos! – If you don't have time to watch the videos, or just want to listen to them in your car, around the home, or when you workout, I've included an mp3 recording of all the videos.

  • "Stopwatch Copywriting" Worksheet – Each step in my system has questions you simply answer, and those answers become your copy. There's 24 questions in all. Once you know how to feel this worksheet out, your copy will practically write itself.

  • “3 Years of Sweat” Headline & Bullet Point Swipe Files – The hardest part of my system is coming up with the headline and the bullet points. The workaround to this is to use a swipe file. Instead of building your own from scratch, I'll give you access to mine... which has taken me over 3 years to build!


Here's a taste of what you'll discover:

     The “Competitor” Technique – A simple way to get work from your so-called competitors. Not only can you have seasoned, established copywriters referring work your way, but they'll even be thanking you to do so!

     The Irresistible Approach Technique – Use this as a thermostat... you can turn it up at will to get all the clients you want... then turn it off when you become overbooked!

     The “Your Ad Sucks” Technique – How to put down other people in such a way that they will pay you money to write (or rewrite) their copy.

     The “Yellow Page Slavery” Technique – Want an ugly approach for getting four figure checks cut in your name, even if you've never written a word of copy in your life? (Warning: this is not a “pretty"” technique but it works... and it would be the first technique I'd resort to if I had to start all over again.)

     The “Personal Touch” Technique – Even though you're a copywriter you have to understand the most effective way to sell someone is still face to face. That's why it's smart to sell your copywriting services this way. Here I show you how to do it painlessly and effortlessly.

You'll Also Find Out: 

How to build a killer sales letter portfolio over night, chock full of "before and after" examples -- this is perfect if you don't have any sample work.
The right way to approach small business owners, other copywriters, direct marketers, web site owners and anyone who would be willing to pay you to write ads for them.
The single best way for getting copywriting clients if you're starting out... (this will surprise you!)

Here's a killer secret - whenever we split-test pages for clients, we test too radically different designs with the same copy first...

Why? Because design is so important in this ADD world we live in these days.

So I know what design elements work best based on testing - and a lot of it is not what you'd think. I cover it all with this special video...

You'll Also Find Out: 

How to design your sales pages for both readers and the skimmers.
The exact code for embedding Camtasia SWF / FLV videos into your Sales Pages.
What fonts to use... and how many to use when you design your pages
When to use a header graphic and when not to
How to provide "eye relief" so your prospect doesn't get overwhelmed and leave your sales page prematurely!
5 ways to plant "hooks" in your copy design to pull the skimmers in and get them to read the most important parts of your copy
When videos and photos are a better option than writing copy... and how to use visual devices to increase your sales
And more!

     This is a video demonstration of a very specific way to create a "fill in the blanks" sales letter in less than 12 minutes. I don't just tell you how to do it, I show you in real time, right before your eyes, live on video!

     This one bonus alone is worth more than I'm asking for the whole course!


     Like a fox! For a very limited time, you can get Stopwatch copywriting for only one measly payment of $37.

     The reason I'm keeping the investment low is simple -- In the second week of October, 2009 I'm holding a 3 day intensive copywriting seminar that will cost $2,000 to attend.

     So my idea is to "bribe" you with this wonderful package so you can see how powerful this is..., and get hundreds of times the value out of it, Then it'll be much easier to get you to consider coming to my copywriting seminar in October.

     And in case you don't fully realize yet the value you're getting today, let me break it down to you real quick.

     Let's say you're lazy and only put 10% of what I teach you to use. Well, I guarantee that even with minimal effort, you'll at least be able to cut your ad writing time in half.

     And let's also say it took you 10 hours to write your last ad. And that ad didn't do so good and you only made $200 total. When the dust had settled, you realized you made $20 an hour.

     Now, using my system, you're able to cut your ad writing time in half. So even if you did the same $200 measly bucks on your next ad, at least it only took you 5 hours to do it. So this time you made $40 an hour.

     In other words, you made back more than you invested today...

     But we're not even being realistic.

     We're assuming your response rate doesn't improve. Even with a half assed attempt at using my system, I can guarantee your response will improve (more about this in a sec).

     So not only should it cut your ad writing time in half, it should also double your response. In reality, you should go from making $200 bucks in 10 hours to $400 in 5 hours. Instead of working for $20 an hour, you're now doing $80 an hour.

     $80 an hour is $1.33 a minute. So even if you cut corners, it should still only take you less than 28 minutes to make your money back from this system.

     And that's using conservative numbers. Imagine how much more money you could make if you really mastered the system.

I personally guarantee that if you put my system to use, you will not only cut your ad writing time in half, but will also double your response.

In fact, if you don't... ask me for a refund and I quietly and promptly return every penny you paid.

And if you show me an actual example of an ad you wrote using my technique, and that you filled out the worksheet, and you can honestly tell me it didn't cut your ad writing time in half and double your response... then not only will I give you your money back...

I will give you DOUBLE your money back!

1) You can continue writing copy the old, boring, tedious way and get the same results everyone else is getting... How's that working or you?

2) OR…you can wake up and let my Stopwatch Copywriting System work for you so you can instantly start writing near world class copy in one sitting!

Yes Jason, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire Stopwatch Copywriting System Now!

     I understand I'll be downloading the entire Stopwatch Copywriting System for a tiny one-time investment of just $37 when I act now!

     I also realize I risk nothing, since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee if I don't start making significant improvements in my copywriting.

Get It Here for

Only $37!


Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

     Now that I've shown you how this simple secret has cut my sales letter writing time by 80% while boosting my response rate, it's time for you to discover what the fuss is about RIGHT NOW!

     Listen, I kept this low for a reason. Plus, anybody can afford $37 to discover how to finally write winning sales letter without a lot of pain, agony or effort. But even if you're so broke you have to...

Because my system is just that powerful!

So get it now… while it's still hot on your mind!

To your success in business and life,




Jason Fladlien

     P.S. This copywriting system has allowed me to quickly enter into hot niches and exploit them before my competitors get a chance to. It's also allowed me to launch entire businesses within the span of two days, and most importantly has taken all the frustration out of writing the ad copy. It's made my whole business run a LOT smoother. Now's the first time I'm revealing this simple, yet effective system. So get it today!

     P.P.S. One more very important thing. In case you're STILL on the fence about this, I'm going to throw in a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't cut your sales letter writing time down by 80% and still write better sales letters, I'll gladly refund your money—no questions asked! That's how confident I am that this system will take your internet marketing business to the next level…like it has mine!! So get it today!


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